Avon Fragrances

Avon Passion Dance – A Strong Fruity Cocktail

Avon Passion Dance_50ml_EdT

In the category of mass market perfumes Avon is one of the main players and so far, everything I sampled proved to be according to their positioning on the market (that is, products having lower prices compared to the mainstream  ones and most likely not able to provide powerful emotions). Therefore, I tend to assimilate […]

Avon Treselle – A Specific Aroma

Avon Treselle_50ml_EdT

I was talking the other day with my wife with respect to Avon fragrances, a discussion in which both she and I agreed that these perfumes, in spite of their employed ingredients and the perfumer responsible with the process of creation, exhibit in the majority of cases an aroma that says Avon from the beginning […]

Avon Outspoken by Fergie – The Aroma of Blackberry

Avon Outspoken by Fergie_50ml_EdT

Outspoken by Fergie is a fragrance that I misjudged, until my wife received last spring as a gift its more powerful version, Outspoken Intense. Therefore, I decided that a test with the subject Outspoken by Fergie was needed. The debut fragrance from the American singer Stacy Ann Ferguson (more famous as Fergie, her stage name!) […]

Avon Today Tomorrow Always In Love – A Floral Woody Musk Perfume

Avon Today Tomorrow Always In Love_30ml_EdP

Avon’s Today Tomorrow Always In Love was launched in 2008, as part of the collection Today Tomorrow Always. Belonging to the feminine floral woody musk olfactory group, the scent was presented with the tagline “fall in love … feel the butterflies”, and is fronted by Mexican and American film actress Salma Hayek. This perfume is […]

Avon Pur Blanca – Simple and Clean

Avon Pur Blanca_50ml_EdT

Pur Blanca was introduced by Avon in 2003, as a floral woody musk feminine fragrance. Like many of the Avon fragrances (no offense taken I hope, simply being pragmatic!), this scent does not pretends to be a glamorous perfume, simply the type of perfume that you receive when you disburse a limited amount of cash. […]

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