Aurelien Guichard Fragrances

Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon Nina Ricci – A Modern and Naughty Perfume

Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon Nina Ricci_50ml_EdP

Presented as a chypre floral limited edition perfume in March last year, Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon is a flanker to 2009’s Ricci Ricci. Benefitting from a modified color scheme, in which the ribbon as painted in flame red, instead of pink shade featured in the first edition, this fragrance is once again fronted by the […]

John Galliano by John Galliano Eau de Toilette – A Beguiling Floral Fragrance

John Galliano by John Galliano Eau de Toilette_60ml_EdT

The debut fragrance from the brilliant designer John Galliano called simply John Galliano by John Galliano has a special spot in my olfactive memory. And because it happens to be one of my wife’s favorites, it entered her “to buy” right away. Inspired by this floral aldehydic perfume and introduced one year later in 2009, […]

Tommy Hilfiger Loud for Her – The Musical Aroma of Pink

Tommy Hilfiger Loud for Her_EdT

Loud for Her was introduced as a fragrant pair in October 2010, together with its male counterpart, Loud for Him. Belonging to the floral fruity olfactory group and developed by perfumers Aurelien Guichard and Yann Vasnier, Loud for Her was “built around a music proposition and aimed at Gen-Y users”, according to the official statements. […]

Tommy Hilfiger Loud for Him – An Excessively Noisy Perfume

Tommy Hilfiger Loud for Him_EdT

Loud for Him is the only fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger that I found boring. I’m not saying that this is a terrible fragrance, to me is only something from which I had high expectations and proved to be banal. Loud for Him was launched as a fragrance pair in 2010, together with its feminine counterpart, […]

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible – A Rebel Fragrance

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible_EdT

Two years ago, when Le Male Terrible was introduced I was very close to buying it. In spite of the fact that I like Le Male a lot (however never purchased it!), I felt that a re-interpretation was exactly what I needed. Sadly, in the end I gave up the idea, however the scent remains […]

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