Aromatic Fruity Fragrances

Diptyque Philosykos Review

Diptyque Philosykos_EdT

Another great perfume from Diptyque (the more I sample from the French house, the more I like them all!) is Philosykos a unisex aromatic fruity arrived on the market in 1996 and developed by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. Created with only a hand of ingredients (fig tree leaves, wood, white cedar), this perfume is considered “one […]

David Beckham Intense Instinct – The Burning Red Passion

David Beckham Intense Instinct_100ml_EdT

Intense Instinct is the first flanker to 2005’s Instinct, a fragrance which remains a best seller for Beckham fragrances. Introduced in April 2007 as an aromatic fruity fragrance, Intense Instinct is meant to be a more powerful version of the original, a characteristic suggested from the outset, by the selected red color scheme. In spite […]