Antaeus Fragrances

Chanel Pour Monsieur – Extremely Complex

Chanel Pour Monsieur_50ml_EdT

The mini holiday experienced in the past 4 days has offered me the opportunity to re-discover a genuine classic: Chanel Pour Monsieur. It all began while reading a review the other week, in which I noted this scent mentioned alongside the tag citrus and given that my former propensity towards citrus perfumes, from there until […]

Chanel Egoiste Platinum – A Symbol of Light and Energy

Chanel Egoiste Platinum_100ml_EdT

Almost four years ago, it was a beautiful day of late spring 2008. Together with 2 friends, every one was looking to buy a fragrance. The funny thing is that today, when I remembered the story, I realized that my selection was the worst. If that morning one of the 2 friends was very determined […]

Chanel Egoiste Review

Chanel Egoiste_125ml

The first major launch from Chanel since 1981’s Antaeus, Egoiste is a fragrance with a surprising character, which arrived on the market in 1990. And because it is a classic and also one of Jacques Polge’s creations I was looking forward to test it and the other day, I reached an interesting conclusion. The first […]