Andy Tauer Fragrances

Histoires de Parfums Edition Rare Ambrarem – The Aroma of Passion and Desire

Histoires de Parfums Edition Rare Ambrarem_60ml_EdP

If someone would ask me one day to name my favorite niche perfumery house I will surely hesitate because there are so many original things in artisanal perfumery, however I’m sure that one of the first names that pop into my mind (after Andy Tauer and his Tauer Perfumes, of course) is, inevitably Histoires de […]

Profumum Victrix – Sharing Memories from the Ancient Rome

Profumum Victrix_100ml_EdP

When was the last time you tested a fragrance that smelled so masculine while being infused with the aroma of an historical city? In my case, the first part of the phrase matches with the moment when I sampled No. 03 from Andy Tauer, called Lonestar Memories (I would describe this as Lonesome Rider, sic!), […]

Tauer Perfumes No. 04 Reverie au Jardin – The Captivating Green Aroma

Tauer Perfumes No. 04 Reverie au Jardin_50ml_EdP

Following each and every one from Andy Tauer’s sensational perfume sampled by me so far and discussed in here, I arrived with my reviews at No. 04 Reverie au Jardin, “a dream of green lands and twinkling stars”, according to the description mentioned in the official website. This very interesting fragrance represents a unisex aromatic […]

Tauer Perfumes No. 03 Lonestar Memories – How the Real Men Ought to Smell Like

Tauer Perfumes No. 03 Lonestar Memories_50ml_EdT

I thought I knew how masculine perfumes ought to smell like, until last Saturday, the time when I sniffed No. 03 Lonestar Memories from Tauer Perfumes. This perfume is one of the few (if not the only!) male scents from Tauer Perfumes, designed, according to the description from the official website, as “an ode to […]

Tauer Perfumes No. 12 Eau d’Épices – An Enchanting Blend of Spices

Tauer Perfumes No. 12 Eau d'Épices_50ml_EdP

Since the mid April of this year, when I had a chance to sniff for the first time one of Andy Tauer’s beguiling creations, I was fascinated by L’Air du Desert Marocain and decided that I needed it as soon as possible in my collection. Then, first out of curiosity, later to verify a supposition, […]

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