Amouage Fragrances

Amouage Interlude Man – The Sweet Approach on Incense

Amouage Interlude Man_EdP

While reading in June about the upcoming launch of a new perfume from the Oman-based luxury perfume house Amouage, and discovering the accord of incense amongst its ingredients, I decided that this should be my future review on one of the Amouage products. Of course, I also lacked Lyric Man from my olfactory experiences therefore […]

Amouage Lyric Man – A Deep Rose infused with Incense

Amouage Lyric Man_EdP

One more fragrance that becomes part of my relentless search for an ideal incense-based fragrance is Lyric Man from Amouage, a scent introduced in September 2008 (as usual at the same time with its feminine counterpart, Lyric Woman) and developed by perfumer Daniel Visentin (the other member of this pair was authored by Daniel Maurel). […]

Tauer Perfumes No. 02 L’Air du Desert Marocain – For the Passionate People

Tauer Perfumes No. 02 L'Air du Desert Marocain_50ml_EdT

Over the extended weekend I had 2 interesting revelations. First, as I mentioned here earlier, for my next perfume I was supposedly compelled to choose between Keiko Mecheri Oliban, SoOud Nur and Amouage Memoir Man. Last Friday, day 13, I made a decision, which surprisingly is none of the above mentioned scents. 1740 Marquis de […]

Amouage Memoir Man – Bytes of Memory

Amouage Memoir Man_EdP

An exquisite representative of the leather olfactory group, Memoir Man was introduced by Amouage in September 2010, together with its feminine counterpart, Memoir Woman. Developed by perfumer Karine Vinchon, this fragrance represents a re-interpretation of the classic story between a man and a woman. The description on the official website mentions that “Resonating the fragments […]

Amouage Epic Man – A Beautiful Arabic Tale

Amouage Epic Man_EdP

The contribution of the Arabic chemistry in the progress of Western perfumery is a fact and in light of this, the story of Amouage comes as a special one. In spite of its fresh history, the luxury perfumery house established in 1983 by the Sultan of Oman, intended clearly from the beginning to restore the […]