Adidas Fragrances

Adidas Dare – For an Active Life

Adidas Dare_50ml_EdT

Dare, from the German sport clothing manufacturer Adidas, was introduced in 2008, as a special perfume, made under the company’s agreement with the cosmetic giant Coty. Dare is classified as a leather masculine perfume with accent on the woody and fruity accords. Since I’m not a supporter of the mass-market fragrances, it is clear that […]

Adidas Sport Field – The Active Pleasure

Adidas Sport Field_100ml_EdT

When I was in my last year of college, there was a colleague in my dorm who was using a fragrance from Adidas, called Sport Field. Taking into account that he could never be the type of man passionate about fragrances, this one from Adidas represented the perfect illustration of the “cologne” (in brackets because […]