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Tommy Boy Tommy Hilfiger – The American Fresh Fragrance

Tommy Boy Tommy Hilfiger_50ml_EdT

…Buzantian and Alberto Morillas. The perfume embodies the type of fresh, clear fragrance, ideal in any time of the year and for any moment of the day. Tommy Boy is still one of the best selling men fragrances ever launched by Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger, “the designer of the American Way of Life” imagined a fragrance built around fresh spicy accords and green notes. The scent has a feeling that’s almost contagious, being the type that lifts…

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl – The Classic Freedom

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

Tommy, the first fragrance by Tommy Hilfiger, arrived on the market in 1995. After its huge success, it was only a question of time, until its feminine counterpart would appear. As a result, Tommy Girl was introduced in 1996, in the olfactory group of floral fruity and developed by perfumer Calice Becker. And in its 16 years of history, Tommy Girl has managed to stay on top of customers’ preferences because of the image portrayed: the modern…

Eau de Prep Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger – For a Modern Young Woman

Eau de Prep Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger_Edt

Every new fragrance announced by Tommy Hilfiger represents a point of interest for me, by association with a brand which is became one of my favorites over the years (well, not so much lately, but anyway). As a consequence, while reading about the launch of Eau de Prep Tommy Girl (introduced in October 2011), it aroused my interest naturally. Last weekend I finally had the chance to test it and unfortunately this homage to Tommy Girl represents…

Hilfiger Man Sport Tommy Hilfiger – The Sporty Fragrance of the Year

Hilfiger Man Sport Tommy Hilfiger_EdT

Back in 2008, when I sampled Hilfiger by Tommy Hilfiger I was so thrilled that I bought it right away (sadly, this is one of my few impulse acquisitions). And, in spite of the fact that I liked it so much and I included it in my “to buy” list, I never got a chance to refill it. On the other hand, after sampling the most recent masculine perfume from Tommy Hilfiger, arrived on the market this summer and called simply Hilfiger Man Sport, I…

Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Prep Tommy – Sportive Style for the Young Men

Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Prep Tommy_EdT

Announced in the same time with its feminine counterpart Eau de Prep Tommy Girl, the new masculine fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger is called Eau de Prep Tommy and was available since October 2011. However, the comparison with the feminine version stops here, because this latest addition to men’s line appears to be more interesting. Probable this has something to do with the fact that this woody aromatic fragrance was developed by perfumer Rodrigo…

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