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Salvatore Ferragamo pour Femme – Dressed Impeccably for a Memorable Night

Salvatore Ferragamo pour Femme_100ml_EdT

…e is perfectly embodied by this fragrance. It’s a shame that is almost extinct these days, because this rich perfume represents one important accessory that confers class to the fashion choice of a woman. Salvatore Ferragamo pour Femme was introduced in 1998 as a chypre fruity fragrance developed by perfumer Jacques Cavallier. I had the chance to test this on a blotter while I was in a Sephora store and it gave me the expected pleasant…

Salvatore Ferragamo F by Ferragamo Pour Homme – Seductive but not Aggressive

Salvatore Ferragamo F by Ferragamo Pour Homme_100ml_EdT

…there was a time in my life when my passion for a certain brand exceeded the impartial assessment on the respective fragrance. I’m not saying that these are not well done fragrances simply I just lost interest in them. F by Ferragamo Pour Homme is an oriental woody developed by perfumer Olivier Polge, arrived on the market 1 year after its feminine counterpart, F by Ferragamo. As a scent which communicates the core values of the Italian brand,…

Salvatore Ferragamo F by Ferragamo Black – A Dark and Elegant Evening Signature Scent

Salvatore Ferragamo F by Ferragamo Black_50ml_EdT

Introduced in 2009 as a woody fragrance, F by Ferragamo Black is a flaker to 2007’s F by Ferragamo Pour Homme. Developed by perfumer Olivier Polge, the son of famous Jacques Polge, this scent was created “for the sensual, metropolitan, more mysterious man”, as described in the official website. Having considered these and taking into account that the only Ferragamo scent in my collection until present time was Subtil Pour Homme, it’s only…

Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil Pour Homme – Italian Elegance and Creativity

Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil Pour Homme_100ml_EdT

Back in 2004, while purchasing Escape for Men from Calvin Klein, I decided that I needed a dedicated evening scent. My choice: Subtil Pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo, a perfume that was tested repeatedly prior to this acquisition. This was in fact the first and last (until now!) evening fragrance in my collection. So, that particular day was memorable, because I arrived home having not one, but 2 excellent perfumes! Subtil Pour Homme was…

Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo Pour Homme – An Elegant Scent for a Refined Man

Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo Pour Homme_100ml_EdT

…ober 2011, as the logical extension of its feminine version, arrived on the market in 2010. Belonging to the oriental woody olfactory group, Attimo Pour Homme is “a woody sensual essence that embodies the masculine facets of Salvatore Ferragamo’s distinctive style”, according to the description from the official website. For that reason, the marketing campaign features the Italian actor Alessandro Gassman and this picture that reflects…

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