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Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musc – The Essence of a Strong Sensuality

Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musc_100ml_EdP

In 2007, the masculine fragrance built around the note of musk and presented by Narciso Rodriguez under the name of Narciso Rodriguez for Him proved to be an innovative approach to this distinctive note. Two years later, in September 2009, the American fashion designer introduced “Musc Collection” a fragrant pair meant as “a tribute to musk” with the tagline “a powerful sensuality that lingers”. The two scents from this collection were Narciso

Narciso Rodriguez Essence in Color – The Purple Color of an Interesting Fragrance

Narciso Rodriguez Essence in Color_100ml_EdP

…ost recent perfumes Essence Eau de Musc. Essence in Color was launched in June 2011, as a flanker to 2009’s Essence, a perfume which, in my opinion, was quite a disappointment, taking into account that it was coming from the Narciso Rodriguez brand. This feminine floral woody musk fragrance is available in Limited Edition and according to the official press release “each element of this ultra-sophisticated limited edition has been enhanced to…

Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Toilette Delicate – Deep Purple Sensuality

Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Toilette Delicate_75ml_EdT

The two new fragrances from Narciso Rodriguez arrived on the market in March 2012, with the names: Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Toilette Delicate and Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum Delicate. Both flankers to 2004’s Narciso Rodriguez for Her, these perfumes are limited editions that reinterpret the most popular feminine scent designed by Narciso Rodriguez until present time. The official press release describes Narciso Rodriguez for…

Narciso Rodriguez Essence Eau de Musc – The Ideal Perfume for the Contemporary Woman

Narciso Rodriguez Essence Eau de Musc_75ml_EdT

…page in the history of essence, unveiling the duality of the modern woman, sensual and radiant” and “a subtle composition of citrus, floral and amber notes that all resonate around a heart of musk, the fragrance signature of Narciso Rodriguez”. The construction of Essence Eau de Musc begins impetuously with a blend of citrus, bergamot and spices, followed quite rapidly in the mid development by a gentle floral facet that includes iris and floral…

Narciso Rodriguez Essence – A Different Approach on Rose Perfumes

Narciso Rodriguez Essence_100ml_EdT

…interesting blend of iris and rose, which lasted a good while on her skin. Upon dry down, the exquisite combination of musk, amber and benzoin rendered the perfume with that special touch that I’ve perceived always in every Narciso Rodriguez creation. The bottle that holds Essence was designed by Ross Lovegrove, an industrial designer, who is probably more famous for his work on the Sony Walkman design. In order to mimic the aforementioned…

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