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Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Pink – The Playful Side of Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Pink_60ml_EdT

Just Cavalli Pink was launched in July 2006, as the feminine side of the fragrant pair which included as well Just Cavalli Blue. Both fragrances were developed by perfumer Olivier Cresp and on the olfactory group Just Cavalli Pink belongs to the floral fruity fragrances, while its masculine counterpart is a citrus aromatic. Moreover, the two perfumes are flankers to another duo of fragrances, introduced in 2004 by Roberto Cavalli:Just Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Blue – A Scent of Confidence

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Blue_60ml_EdT

…d by citruses, I strongly meditated on its acquisition. However, the idea never completed, but I discovered a fragrance perfect for almost any occasion. Just Cavally was introduced in the same time with its feminine version, Just Cavalli Pink, with the intention to replicate the success of Just Cavalli Him. Later that year, Just Cavalli Black also appeared on the market, but that’s a whole different story. This fragrance is a citrus aromatic…

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Her – Ideal for a Daring Woman

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Her_60ml_EdT

…valli discontinued their line of fragrances launched under the old partnership with ICR-ITF. As a result, at this time there is a single fragrance available, Roberto Cavalli for Her and one of the victims of this decision is Just Cavalli Her, the feminine floral fruity introduced in 2004 and developed by perfumer Karine Dubreuil. This fragrance is appropriate for a young woman, who does not like conventions and lives a life according to her own…

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Him – Created for the Young Men

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Him_60ml

…ection at the age of 30, in Paris. And because the innovation in fashion needed a matching side in perfumery field, Roberto Cavalli launched the first perfume from his house (a feminine scent) in 2002, named Roberto Cavalli. Just Cavalli Him was introduced in 2004and soon he turned into the second classic perfume from Cavalli house (the first was Roberto Cavalli Man in 2003). This aromatic fougere fragrance for men was developed by perfumer…

Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli – The Strength of a Woman

Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli_50 ml_EdP

The most recent olfactory creation from Roberto Cavalli and one of the perfumes with quite an aggressive marketing campaign is Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli, the new feminine fragrance developed under Cavalli’s new agreement with Coty. Sadly, this also marked the discontinuing of all Cavalli’s previous perfumes and what’s even sadder is the fact that, from where I’m standing, it seems that this decision was hasty, while the end result does…

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