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CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein – The Smooth and Energetic Scent

CK One Shock For Him Calvin Klein_200ml_EdT

…or Him. The fragrance was introduced in 2011, belongs to the oriental spicy olfactory group and was developed by perfumer Ann Gottlieb. Insofar that I’m not a traditional CK One fan, however a passionate of the classics from Calvin Klein (I’m talking about Obsession, Escape, Contradiction, Eternity), I was pleasantly surprised to notice that this time, instead of a shared scent, Calvin Klein delivered two dedicated perfumes: CK One Shock For Her…

CK Be Calvin Klein – Elegance for Everyone

CK Be Calvin Klein_200ml_EdT

…nique fragrance that is desired by the masses, like an addiction. In a way, CK Be marks the evolution of the CK One customer, to a more elegant perfume, while this clear and sexy fragrance is ideal for any moment of the day. CK Be Calvin Klein Perfume Details CK Be from Calvin Klein is available in 50, 100 and 200 ml Eau de Toilette Pour/Spray and complementary products in the range, such as: 250 ml Skin Moisturizer and 75 g Deodorant Stick; the…

CK IN2U for Him Calvin Klein – Cool and Trendy

CK IN2U for Him Calvin Klein_150ml_EdT

CK IN2U for Him was introduced in 2007, together with its feminine counterpart CK IN2U for Her as a fragrant duo destined to replicate the huge popularity of 1994’s CK One. This time, instead of a shared fragrance, Calvin Klein imagined a dedicated pair, one for every gender. CK IN2U for Him Calvin Klein belongs to the aromatic fougere olfactory group and was developed by perfumers Bruno Jovanovic and Jean-Marc Chaillan. Unfortunately, this is…

CK Free Calvin Klein – Get in Touch With Freedom

CK Free Calvin Klein_100ml_EdT

Exhibiting a simple design that aims at seeking profundity, CK Free is a woody aromatic fragrance for men, introduced by Calvin Klein in August 2009 and developed by 2 perfumers from Givaudan: Ellen Molner and Rodrigo Flores-Roux. According to the description on the official website, this Eau de Toilette is “inspired by the spirit of modern, independent man”. Of course, this tendency is highlighted by the chosen name, but overall it gave me the…

CK One Shock For Her Calvin Klein – The Defiant Perfume for the Powerful Girls

CK One Shock For Her Calvin Klein_200ml_EdT

…or Him was introduced in August last year, as flankers to 1994’s classic shared fragrance CK One. The feminine part of this duo is pegged in the oriental floral olfactory group, while a more accurate source from the official Calvin Klein website speaks about a “juicy floriental”. The time when I got to sample this perfume was at the beginning of this year, after testing several other fragrances and my wife finally agreed to spray a few whiffs…

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