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Boss Soul Hugo Boss – The Contrast between Light and Darkness

Boss Soul Hugo Boss_90ml_EdT

…Soul seemed to me like the masculine counterpart of Boss Intense, designed by the same Ursula Wandel, even though this fact was never substantiated with official statements. The bottle of Boss Soul was developed by Henry de Monclin, manager of Atelier Dinand, a famous house specialized in the design of perfume bottles. His source of inspiration was, reportedly, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, creation of the Canadian-American architect Frank…

Dunhill Black – The Expression of Male Elegance

Dunhill Black_100ml_EdT

…opper that exudes class, while the packaging box takes the color scheme from the name and mixes with a golden hue that is meant to evoke the traffic lights in the city of London. Dunhill Black is fronted by the British actor Henry Cavill (who was also the image of London, launched on that very year!) and the resulting video advertisement (shot in London at night) is simply irresistible. Dunhill Black’s top notes are composed of only one…

Dunhill London – For the Contemporary Man

Dunhill London_50ml_EdT

…sculine scents. The listed ingredients in London include red apple, jasmine, rose, patchouli, geranium, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and Tonka bean. The face selected to appear in the advertisement campaign is the British actor Henry Cavill, famous for playing an important part in Showtime’s “The Tudors”. The video commercial is shot in a hue which matches the color employed for the liquid and showcases the beautiful city with all its landmarks….

Creed Green Irish Tweed – The Perfect Accessory of a Gentleman

Creed Green Irish Tweed_120ml_EdP

The year 1760 marks the beginning of Creed, a luxury perfumery house founded in London by James Henry Creed. The founder, created a dynasty that was passed from father to son since then and was relocated in 1854 to Paris, as a response to a demand coming from an illustrious client, Empress Eugenie of France, for whom the fragrance Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie (still available today) was created. Green Irish Tweed embodies a scent that is “as…

Dunhill 51.3 N – The Spirit of London

Dunhill 51.3 N_100ML_EdT

…ouse, with its perfectly cut shapes and the transparent glass that reveals a golden hue liquid. Known for his previous collaborations with Dunhill fragrances (in 2008 with Dunhill London and Dunhill Black), the British actor Henry Cavill returns as the face selected to front the scent. Dunhill 51.3 embodies perfectly the contemporary British gentleman, characterized by honesty and a disposition for adventure. Dunhill 51.3 N Perfume Details…