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Givenchy Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette – The Oriental Floral Fragrance

Givenchy Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette_50ml_EdT

Eau de Toilette, in fact a flanker to last year’s edition, available this time as Eau de Parfum. With a slightly modified image (in order to be differentiated from the original perfume with this name by Givenchy) Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette exhibits a pale pink color scheme available in both the stopper and the hue of the juice, while the development team that worked on creating it was once more lead by Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo…

Kinski Eau de Toilette – A Dark Woody Aromatic Scent

Kinski Eau de Toilette_100ml_EdT

…ived from the press release, Kinski Eau de Toilette was produced after reaching to an agreement with Kinski Foundation, mostly for commemorating 20 years since the death of the famous German actor. Introduced in 2011, Kinski Eau de Toilette is a woody aromatic “richly decadent, textured scent”, as described by the same source. On top oh this, the bottle that holds Kinski Eau de Toilette has a split image in order to evoke the shattered…

Chloe Eau de Toilette – The Smell of a Light Rose

Chloe Eau de Toilette_EdT

…pril 2009, Chloe Eau de Toilette is the soft version of Chloe Eau de Parfume, a fragrance that was presented by Chloe, in the previous year. With the accord of rose as its dominant note, the official website introduces Chloe Eau de Toilette with the taglines “free-spirited, feminine and natural” and “a refined and powdery note in the Eau de Parfum, the rose evokes new olfactory colors”. In case you felt attracted by the original, you will find…

Guerlain Idylle Eau de Toilette – The Romantic Idea of an Idyll

Guerlain Idylle Eau de Toilette_EdT

…th this name is the first fragrance in which my wife’s opinion and mine did not coincided, given that she kind of like it and I was untouched by its aroma. Therefore, after its arrival on the market I wanted to sample Idylle Eau de Toilette, in order to have an opinion. Reportedly, for this new interpretation, Thierry Wasser maintained the floral chypre facet from the Eau de Parfum version, while intensifying the floral bouquet by way of a…

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Eau d’Ete Summer Edition 2009 – A Summer Floral Garden

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Eau d'Ete Summer Edition 2009_100ml_EdT

…ansparent glass comes decorated with colored letters that form the name of the fragrance. Overall, L’Eau d’Issey Eau d’Ete Summer Edition 2009 is a perfume that is appropriate for almost any feminine audience. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Eau d’Ete Summer Edition 2009 Perfume Details L’Eau d’Issey Eau d’Ete Summer Edition 2009 by Issey Miyake is available as Limited Edition in 100 ml Eau de…

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