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David Beckham Instinct – The Power Within

David Beckham Instinct_75ml_EdT

…t perfume of the series was called Instinct and arrived on the market that very year. It was followed by a long line of flankers that include: 2007’s Intense Instinct, 2008’s Instinct After Dark, 2009’s Pure Instinct, 2010’s David Beckham Instinct Ice and 2012’s David Beckham Instinct Sport. Surprising for a celebrity fragrance, Instinct is a quite interesting scent, classified as an aromatic fougere and developed by perfumers Beatrice Piquet…

David Beckham Intense Instinct – The Burning Red Passion

David Beckham Intense Instinct_100ml_EdT

…d. The listed top notes for Intense Instinct are tropical melon, ginger and lemon; its heart is cedar leaf, coriander and violet; and its base notes are teakwood, white cedar and musk. The fragrance is fronted (naturally) by David Beckham and on the image level, the shape of Instinct’s flacon was preserved, however this time comes with a modified shade (transparent bright red color versus the transparent glass of Instinct), while the packaging…

Intimately Beckham for Him – For a Night Full of Pleasure

Intimately Beckham for Him_75ml_EdT

…for “Fragrance of the Year Men’s Popular Appeal” and “Best Packaging Men’s Popular Appeal”, Intimately Beckham for Him was introduced in April 2006 as an aromatic fougere, catered to a limited audience. The perfume followed David Beckham’s debut fragrance, 2005’s Instinct and is part of a duo which included as well Intimately Beckham for Him, the feminine counterpart. The scents were produced under license agreement by Coty and Alain Astori was…

Roberto Cavalli Man – The Animal Instinct

Roberto Cavalli Man_50ml_EdT

Roberto Cavalli entered the perfumery field in 2002 with Roberto Cavalli for women. One year after, its masculine counterpart was introduced, Roberto Cavalli Man, a woody aromatic fragrance developed by the famous perfumer Alberto Morillas. Unfortunately, these days Roberto Cavalli Man and all the other scents produced in the period 2002-2011 under the license of ICR-ITF were discontinued, the new agreement with Coty making available only the…

Sean John Unforgivable Woman – Intended to Be Alluring

Sean John Unforgivable Woman_EdP

Arrived on the market in 2007, one year after its masculine counterpart, Unforgivable Woman is an oriental floral fragrance. David Apel is the perfumer responsible for developing this scent and the result represents a sensual fragrance, aimed at a bad girl who is passionate enough to match Sean “Diddy” Combs’ aspirations. Last summer, during our vacation I asked my wife to help me with this test, mainly because I considered an acquisition and…

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