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Davidoff Cool Water Woman Cool Summer – A Delightful Scent for a Sunny Day

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Cool Summer_100ml_EdT

Cool Water Woman Cool Summer was presented by Davidoff in March 2009, as a flanker to the 1996 iconic Cool Water Woman. The fragrance was introduced alongside its masculine counterpart, Cool Water Man Cool Summer. This summer limited edition was conceived as refreshment for your summer hot days, with its white floral and musky accords. This aromatic aquatic scent evokes an exotic, tropical atmosphere, enjoyed on a paradise island for the…

Davidoff Cool Water Woman – The Essence of Life

Davidoff Cool Water Woman _100ml_EdT

Taking into account that Cool Water was launched in 1988, we see that Cool Water Woman was prepared for 8 years before its introduction on the market. This waiting was unusually long, but the result is impressive. “An icon among fragrances – Davidoff Cool Water Woman is the essence of freshness, sensuality and natural beauty. Born of water, nourished and delighted by water in all its forms, we seek this elemental life-giving component in every…

Davidoff Cool Water – Aquatic Power

Davidoff Cool Water_40ml

It was the year 1988 when Davidoff introduced 2 new perfumes (at that time!): Cool Water and Zino. Both of them enjoyed huge popularity, however the “test of time” was different in these 2 situations: while Cool Water took advantage from its numerous flankers and special editions (summer versions), Zino turned into an almost extinct perfume, in spite of the ever growing demand. But, this is one marketing strategy that does not necessarily…

Davidoff Cool Water Man Pure Pacific – A Refreshing Aroma Similar to a jump into the Water

Davidoff Cool Water Man Pure Pacific_125ml_EdT

This year summer version of the classic perfume Cool Water from Davidoff was introduced as a fragrant pair called Davidoff Cool Water Pure Pacific and presented earlier in March, under the tagline: “Dive into the ocean with Davidoff Cool Water Pure Pacific!” Cool Water Man Pure Pacific is the subject of this post, a masculine aromatic aquatic inspired by the ocean and after testing it yesterday it’s only fair to say that its formula is not…

Davidoff Hot Water – The Provocative Side of Cool Water

Davidoff Hot Water

…rs, 2 professional models, the Greek Alexis Papa and the Californian Alyssa Miller. Hot Water projects fine on my skin, being the ideal type of scent for the hot summer days, especially if you are an active man. Davidoff Hot Water Perfume Details Hot Water is available in 30, 60 and 110 ml Eau de Toilette Spray and complementary products in the range, such as: 110 ml After-Shave Splash, 100 ml After-Shave Balm, 200 ml Hair and Body Shampoo and…

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