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CK One Summer 2008 Calvin Klein – The Summer Breeze Comes in Limited Edition

CK One Summer 2008_100ml_EdT

…happy: the clients because they enjoy every year their favorite fragrance in limited edition and the fashion house, because it maintains alive the brand awareness (and the banking accounts as well). Presented in March 2008, CK One Summer 2008 is the summer flanker of the original CK One, a shared woody aquatic fragrance developed by perfumer Harry Fremont, from Firmenich. The fact that is a limited edition makes it scarce; however you might…

Eternity Summer 2007 Calvin Klein – Calming and Refreshing Summer Scent

Eternity Summer 2007 Calvin Klein_100ml_EdP

…mer 2006 and continued with 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and Eternity Summer 2012. The structure of Eternity Summer 2007 is built around the combination of fruity floral accords, which confers it a refreshing character for the hot summer days. Eternity Summer 2007 opens with notes of bergamot, pear and orange blossom; the mid development represents a mixture of hyacinth, gardenia and peony, while the dry down encompasses heliotrope accords, elegant…

CK Free Blue Calvin Klein – Captures the Blue of the Ocean

CK Free Blue Calvin Klein_100ml_EdT

…grance was developed by perfumer Caroline Sabas and belongs to the aromatic spicy olfactory group. According to its creator, “the source of inspiration to create this fragrance was the feeling of being outside by the ocean”. CK Free Blue opens on a heady mix of Chinese mandarin, French lavender and spear mint. Then, on the mid development, the scent turns into very subtle and it is almost imperceptible. I could barely detect the aroma of green…

212 Men a Summer on Ice 2003 Carolina Herrera – A Remedy For the Hot Summer

212 Men a Summer on Ice 2003 Carolina Herrera_EdT

…12 Men a Summer on Ice 2003 was presented in a bottle that literally reflects the name; the transparent glass that reveals a soft blue liquid is topper by a stopper in a deeper shade of blue and everything is wrapped in a block of ice. I tested the scent back in 2003; sadly sampling it again these days would be a mission impossible. Perhaps some online retailers still have it on stock but at this time the word associated to 212 Men a Summer on…

CK One Summer 2011 Calvin Klein – 3 Colors for Refreshing Sensations

CK One Summer 2011 Calvin Klein_100ml_EdT

…s with its presence. The scent is built around citrus and marine accords as dominant notes and similar to the previous flankers is presented as eau de toilette pour/spray, a details that offers more options. The beginning of CK Summer 2011 is a blend of tangerine, water fern and melon. Then, in the mid development, the experienced sensation is green, in a combination of lemon, sea breeze accord, yellow freesia, verbena and rhubarb. The closing…

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