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Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Pink – The Playful Side of Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Pink_60ml_EdT

…ctory group Just Cavalli Pink belongs to the floral fruity fragrances, while its masculine counterpart is a citrus aromatic. Moreover, the two perfumes are flankers to another duo of fragrances, introduced in 2004 by Roberto Cavalli:Just Cavalli Her and Just Cavalli Him. I’m not a fan of Roberto Cavalli, nor a follower of the fashion promoted by this house, but I must admit that, at the moment of its introduction of the market I kind of liked…

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Blue – A Scent of Confidence

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Blue_60ml_EdT

…hing the name, in which the cobalt-turquoise hue offers an electrifying effect. Overall, Just Cavalli Blue is one of the most interesting fragrances launched by Roberto Cavalli, ideal for the spring time of the year. Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Blue Perfume Details Just Cavalli Blue by Roberto Cavalli is available in 30 and 60 ml Eau de Toilette Spray and complementary products in the range, such as: 200 ml Shower & Shampoo Gel and 100 ml…

Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli – The Strength of a Woman

Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli_50 ml_EdP

The most recent olfactory creation from Roberto Cavalli and one of the perfumes with quite an aggressive marketing campaign is Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli, the new feminine fragrance developed under Cavalli’s new agreement with Coty. Sadly, this also marked the discontinuing of all Cavalli’s previous perfumes and what’s even sadder is the fact that, from where I’m standing, it seems that this decision was hasty, while the end result does…

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Her – Ideal for a Daring Woman

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Her_60ml_EdT

…ing packaging box, having an image that aims for simplicity. Overall, Just Cavalli Her could be a perfume for day to day occasion with one condition: if you are lucky enough to still find it in some online retailers. Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Her Perfume Details Just Cavalli Her by Roberto Cavalli in 30 and 60 ml Eau de Toilette Spray; the lasting power is average (6 to 10 hours) and the sillage is good. Olfactory Group: Floral Fruity For:…

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Him – Created for the Young Men

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Him_60ml

…I loved the idea of transparent plastic box, although I felt that the flask is a little too much for my taste. Also, in case you are over 30, I think it would be better to go for another perfume from Roberto Cavalli. Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Him Perfume Details Just Cavalli Him is available in 60 ml Eau de Toilette Spray and complementary products in the range, such as: 200 ml Shampoo & Shower Gel and 80 ml Deodorant Stick Alcohol Free;…

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