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CK IN2U POP for Him Calvin Klein – The Clean Sensation Comes in Limited Edition

CK IN2U POP for Him Calvin Klein_100ml_EdT

The fragrant pair CK IN2U POP for Him and CK IN2U POP for Her was presented in July 2008 as a follow up to CK’s first intention to create a brand as strong as CK One, the CK IN2U scents, for Her and for Him, introduced in 2007. The one which is a masculine woody aromatic fragrance, CK IN2U POP for Him, was geared at the young generation, one deemed as presumably unsophisticated and settling for a refreshing perfume. With an image that resorted…

CK IN2U POP for Her Calvin Klein – The Rhythm of the Hot Summer

CK IN2U POP for Her Calvin Klein_100ml_EdT

Arrived on the market in July 2008, the pair of fragrances CK IN2U POP for Her and CK IN2U POP for Him represents a flanker to Calvin Klein’s 2007 release, CK IN2U for Her and CK IN2U for Him. The perfumes are available as summer limited edition, only in 100 ml Eau de Toilette. The feminine version, CK IN2U POP for Her is a chypre fruity fragrance with a pronounced creamy citrus character. This scent could be an excellent companion throughout…

CK IN2U for Him Calvin Klein – Cool and Trendy

CK IN2U for Him Calvin Klein_150ml_EdT

CK IN2U for Him was introduced in 2007, together with its feminine counterpart CK IN2U for Her as a fragrant duo destined to replicate the huge popularity of 1994’s CK One. This time, instead of a shared fragrance, Calvin Klein imagined a dedicated pair, one for every gender. CK IN2U for Him Calvin Klein belongs to the aromatic fougere olfactory group and was developed by perfumers Bruno Jovanovic and Jean-Marc Chaillan. Unfortunately, this is…

CK IN2U for Her Calvin Klein – Provocative and Spontaneous

CK IN2U for Her Calvin Klein_100ml_EdT

The duo of fragrances CK IN2U for Her and CK IN2U for Him was presented in 2007, as an alternative to the shared scents, promoted by Calvin Klein until that time. CK IN2U for Her was developed by four perfumers Loc Dong and Carlos Benaim and is an oriental floral fragrance. With an image perfectly embodied by the Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen, CK IN2U for Her is a spontaneous scent for the young generation, associated with the new…

Beauty Calvin Klein – Simplicity of Loveliness

Calvin Klein Beauty_100ml

Last fall, I was very curious to sample the new feminine fragrance from Calvin Klein, not only because Calvin Klein is one of my favorite brands, but also due to the fact that this was the major launch of a distinctive feminine scent since Euphoria in 2005. As expected, apart from the extensions to its Eternity/CK One/CK IN2U lines which happened almost every year, this was an opportunity for Calvin Klein to regain the apparently lost…

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