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Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4 – Orange is Number 4

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4_125ml_EdT

Big Pony 4 arrived on the market two years ago, in June 2010, together with other three similar fragrances called Big Pony 1, 2 and 3. This collection was meant to celebrate the Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony polo shirts sporting large numbers and logos with polo players and was aimed at a generation younger than the typical RL customer. The number four from this “team of fragrances”, as it is called in the official video advertisement corresponds to…

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2 – Sleek Red for the Seductive Man

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2_125ml_EdT

Even though I feel that Big Pony Collection doesn’t go with my style, one of my favorites from the series of 4 fragrances introduced by Ralph Lauren in June 2010, Big Pony 2 is an oriental vanilla fragrance for men. The description on the official website says that this fragrance “blends dark chocolate and musk for a spicy seductive scent”. And what better way to find out than to test all. And because there are quite rare, I had to test all the…

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 3 – The Refreshing Green

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 3_125ml_EdP

…a name within the range 1 to 4. The perfumes were meant to go along with the classic line of polo shirts and accessories and represent the Ralph Lauren’s appeal to a broader and younger audience. The number 3 from this line, Big Pony 3 comes with a green chromatic and represents an aromatic spicy scent constructed around the mint theme. The opening features ginger for a little spice up of the atmosphere. Heart is composed of mint, the dominant…

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 1 – The Sporty Blue Color

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 1_75ml_EdT

…) will be disappointed by these new products. Last summer when I tested them all, only number 2 and 4 seem to mean something, however take into account my indulgence for this assessment, substantiated by the brand’s loyalty. Big Pony 1 is a citrus aromatic arrived on the market in 2010, alongside its “team mates” and the word that could described it best is sporty. Refreshing as a drink, the top notes in this scent are lime and something that…

Tokyo by Kenzo – Bright Lights of the Big City

Tokyo by Kenzo_50ml_EdT

…ses essence of pink pepper and bitter orange note. For creating a memorable impression, the finish impresses with an intense dark facet, built with guaiac wood, clove, nutmeg and cedar. The fragrance conveys the story of the big city, through the eyes of a Western man, disoriented by jet lag and ready to experience the rich Japanese culture. The bottle that holds Tokyo by Kenzo was designed by the Tokyo-born Japanese Art Director Kashiwa Sato…

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