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Marc Jacobs Bang Bang – The Sweetened Explosion

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang_100ml_EdT

Marc Jacobs launched his first perfume called Bang in 2010. Last year, the sequel of the tale was introduced as Bang Bang, a woody aromatic masculine fragrance developed by perfumer Yann Vasnier, from Givaudan. Given that the first time when I saw Bang I was confused by the bottle, which looked a little too much for me, I didn’t offer much attention to the fragrance, although I admit it was interesting enough. Now, Bang Bang looks more…

Marc Jacobs Bang – A Fragrance with Impact

Marc Jacobs Bang_100ml_EdT

…to a punch. The metal flacon was designed by Harry Allen in collaboration with Marc Jacobs, while the stopper was painted in a sober grey color. Overall, Bang is an invigorating fragrance aimed at the modern man. Marc Jacobs Bang Perfume Details Bang by Marc Jacobs is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette Spray and complementary products in the range, such as: 150 ml After-Shave Gel, 200 ml Hair & Body Wash and 75 g Deodorant Stick;…

Histoires de Parfums Music-Hall, Le Parfum – A Perfume for True Connoisseurs

Histoires de Parfums Music-Hall, Le Parfum_120ml_EdP

…led so far speaks for itself. Therefore, it’s not accidental that Marquis de Sade will be my future acquisition (my ardent hope for the last month from the current year!). From the same register, my most recent finding was a perfume developed (inevitably!) by Gerald Ghislain and introduced in October. As with other recent launches (remember Olivier Durbano’s Heliotrope?), thanks to my favorite niche perfumery boutique, in two weeks that followed…

Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon Nina Ricci – A Modern and Naughty Perfume

Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon Nina Ricci_50ml_EdP

…ains Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon exhibits the same playful shape as the original, with the ribbon adorning both the flask and the packaging box. Overall, this fragrance will please the young women, in search for a mischievous perfume to go along with their vestimentary style. Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon Nina Ricci Perfume Details Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon by Nina Ricci is available as Limited Edition in 50 ml Eau de Parfum Spray; the lasting…

Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau Perfume Review

Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau_50ml

…g stylish note. Even though it is not a sensational fragrance, once you decide for buying it you will have a fresh and charming fragrance, able to transmit the happiness of the lady that wears it. It is definitely not a dull perfume and you could spice up your existence if you add Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau to your collection. Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau Perfume Details Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau is available in amounts of 50 and 100 ml and belongs to…

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