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Baldessarini Del Mar Caribbean – A Voyage to an Exotic Location

Baldessarini Del Mar Caribbean_90ml_EdT

Del Mar Caribbean was introduced in 2007, as a flanker to 2005’s Baldesarini Del Mar, this symbolizing the debut of a series of fragrances that continued one year later with Del Mar Marbella Edition (my personal favorite, still have in my collection, although it’s almost empty) and in 2009 with Del Mar Seychelles Limited Edition. After 2009, Baldessarini cancelled their yearly launch belonging to this line (probably an effect of the global…

Baldessarini Del Mar – Sailing On the Calm Sea

Baldessarini Del Mar_50ml

…ng combination of high-quality materials, excellent finish and unmistakable style” according to Ahlers AG website. The brand was initially a fashion division within Hugo Boss AG, and then later sold to Ahlers in august 2006. Del Mar is a refreshing fragrance which begins with notes of bergamot, black pepper and juicy mandarin; the heart combines cinnamon, cedar and cardamom while the base is built with accords of vetiver, olibanum, ambergris and…

Baldessarini Hugo Boss – A Scent of Authenticity

Baldessarini Hugo Boss_75ml_EdC

…a voyage to Singapore. The transparent glass with masculine shapes is topped by a metallic stopper in an image that bursts with refined elegance. Baidessarini is the ideal fragrance in case you are looking for authenticity. Baldessarini Hugo Boss Perfume Details Baldessarini by Hugo Boss is available in 75 ml Eau de Cologne Spray, 50 ml Eau de Cologne Concentrated Refillable Spray, 50 ml Eau de Cologne Refillable Spray and complementary…

Baldessarini Strictly Private – An Exclusive Character

Baldessarini Strictly Private_90ml_EdT

Strictly Private by Baldessarini marks the ending of the partnership between this brand and Charles Schumann, and the introduction of German actor Werner Schreyer as the new face of Baldessarini. Due to the fact that I am a fan of Baldessarini fragrances, I was very anxious to sample their new creation, from the moment I read about the upcoming launch. While you’re about to read my conclusions, I’ll spare you the excitement and disclose the…

Trussardi Essenza del Tempo – A Scent Dedicated to the Spirit of Time

Trussardi Essenza del Tempo_125ml_EdT

…nisex fragrances category, an event done with style and innovation. Overall, Essenza del Tempo is a classic fragrance, appropriate for any period of the day and for the spring and summer period of the year. Trussardi Essenza del Tempo Perfume Details Essenza del Tempo by Trussardi is available in 50, 75 and 125 ml Eau de Toilette Spray; the lasting power is below average (5 to 6 hours) and the sillage is good. Olfactory Group: Floral Woody Musk…

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