Oriental Fragrances

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense Review

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense_100ml_EdT

Those of you that come back here constantly will certainly remember that, on the occasion of reviewing Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million, I said some pretty bad things about it. Please don’t judge me for that, this is my opinion after all, but, as restitution for the many fans of this perfume, you might want to […]

Keiko Mecheri Les Zazous Review

Keiko Mecheri Les Zazous_75ml_EdP

The moment I sampled Oliban from Keiko Mecheri I knew that, due to its appeal, I will need to return to this house for at least a couple of samplings. Since then, I managed to sniff one interesting scent from their recent collection called Bespoke (Cuir Fauve), but there was one pending, that got me […]

Heeley Agarwoud Review

Heeley Agarwoud_50ml_ExdP

One of the most recent fragrances from Heeley is called Agarwoud, part of a series of three perfumes, available in Extrait de Parfum concentration and introduced in January 2012. While the other two are feminine scents (called Bubblegum Chic and L’Amandière), the one that makes the topic of this post represents a unisex oriental woody, […]

Lorenzo Villoresi Incensi Review

Lorenzo Villoresi Incensi_100ml_EdT

My first perfume tested from Lorenzo Villoresi, and also one that I’ve been waiting for quite a while to sniff, is called Incensi. The name stands as Italian for “incense” and in case you’re after a rich and spicy perfume, with a touch of elegance and classic that’s almost vanish these days, then Incensi might […]

Profumum Fumidus Review

Profumum Fumidus_100ml_EdP

Those of you that have been reading here since the beginnings have probably figured out that I’m a fan of Profumum and their special essences. That is exactly why, every time I discover some new (for me!) perfume, I become interested in a test. And, after testing seven of the Profumum line of fragrances, I […]

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