Oriental Woody Fragrances

SoOud Burqa – Distinctive In Every Detail

SoOud Burqa_30ml_PEx

From the first time that I was introduced to the world of ancient art of perfumery from the Far East I began to appreciate this interesting alternative. The fragrance was Nur from SoOud and, in spite of the fact that I wasn’t able to acquire the essence (partly due to financial reasons but also because […]

Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue – Deluxe Scent for a Modern Woman

Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue_60ml_EdP

Although it has not yet reached its 10th anniversary, Alien from Thierry Mugler is already a classic. As a result, any flanker that arrives on the market makes me questioning its quality and that’s exactly what happened with Alien Essence Absolue. Fortunately, this was not the case, because the most recent flanker of 2005’s Alien […]

Estee Lauder Intuition for Men – Lost in Transformation

Estee Lauder Intuition for Men_EdT

I tested a couple of Estee Lauder’s fragrances and I had my fair share from their products more than 10 years ago (the after shave balm from Pleasures for Men!), therefore one can say that I basically knew what to expect the day I sampled Intuition for Men. However, in spite of the already mentioned […]

Frapin Speakeasy – A Cocktail-Inspired Fragrance

Frapin Speakeasy_100ml_EdP

When I reviewed 2009’s L’Humaniste from Frapin, I thought this was nothing more than a niche house which produced perfumes with a limited persistence (at least on my skin, this one exhibited an incredible low lasting power and minimal sillage!). Then, I had the chance to sniff Speakeasy, the most recent scent launched by the […]

Diptyque Volutes – A Curl of Captivating Smoke

Diptyque Volutes_EdP

One of the perfume house that are hard to get by is Diptyque, so you could imagine that the more I read about their interesting scents, the harder I craved to sample them. When Diptyque was finally available in my area, I thought that one of my wishes finally came true. The Parisian-based niche perfume […]

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