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We are talking about a perfume from the house of Lancome that has turned into a classic throughout time. Introduced in 1978 and designed by the perfumer Gerard Coupy, is chypre floral fragrance. The name of the perfume is French for “”, with a construction that represents a unique composition which does not follow the traditional pyramid composed of top, middle and base notes. This structure looks like a , it begins and completely reveals its character while the direction of its development unexpectedly modifies, then it starts to shift in the reverse direction, into which the completely revealed perfume curves into an unexpected change and modifies again the direction in order that the fragrance would go back to where it started. The listed ingredients are: cassis, , galbanum, hyacinth, , bergamot, ylang-ylang, jasmine, Orris root, tuberose, honey, narcissus, cedar, Lily-of-the-Valley, musk, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, spices, vetiver, , civet.

The original bottle exhibits a vintage image, with a black stopper that has the name “Magie Noire” engraved in golden colored letters and transparent glass; the bottle was replaced with one with a modern image that has perfectly cut shapes, the same transparent glass that reveals the liquid (with a different color this time) and an elegant stopper with a grey color.

Even though at the time of its launch, Magie Noire was available in 50 ml Eau de Toilette Spray, currently the fragrance is only available in 75 ml Eau De Toillette Spray, presented in the updated bottle. The original bottle is almost unobtainable these days, but you might find it on old stocks, if you are lucky.

Magie Noire is marketed as one of the most captivating fragrances and for me this is an undisputed fact; however I consider it a perfume that is more appropriate for a , interested in fashion. The lasting power is above average (6 to 10 hours), the sillage is good and overall is ideal for day to day, casual wear.

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  1. Just tested last week, but no, no, no!!! Perhaps for a more mature audience; doesn’t do it for me!

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