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Ramon Monegal Cuirelle Review

Ramon Monegal Cuirelle_50ml_EdP

One recent discovery that brightened the arrival of spring for me is the Catalan house of Ramon Monegal. Established in 2009 by the eponymous perfumer and based in Barcelona, this house went global in August 2012 with a line of fourteen fragrances. The complete information refers to the fact that Ramon Monegal is descendent of […]

Naomi Goodsir Cuir Velours Review

Naomi Goodsir Cuir Velours_50ml_EdP

Towards the end of 2012 autumn, the world of perfumery witnessed the launch of two fresh perfumes: Cuir Velours and Bois d’Ascese from the Australian designer of hats Naomi Goodsir. At that time, while reading this news I was fascinated by the description of these essences, however I could not believed I was going to […]

Keiko Mecheri Bespoke Cuir Fauve Review

Keiko Mecheri Bespoke Cuir Fauve_50ml_EdP

Presented in March 2012 as part of the Keiko Mecheri new line called “La Collection Bespoke”, Cuir Fauve is an interesting leather fragrance. Too bad I tested the same day with Cuir Velours, because, as much as I liked Keiko Mecheri’s creation, the perfume by Naomi Goodsir won my admiration, as perhaps the best leather […]

Adidas Dare – For an Active Life

Adidas Dare_50ml_EdT

Dare, from the German sport clothing manufacturer Adidas, was introduced in 2008, as a special perfume, made under the company’s agreement with the cosmetic giant Coty. Dare is classified as a leather masculine perfume with accent on the woody and fruity accords. Since I’m not a supporter of the mass-market fragrances, it is clear that […]

Amouage Memoir Man – Bytes of Memory

Amouage Memoir Man_EdP

An exquisite representative of the leather olfactory group, Memoir Man was introduced by Amouage in September 2010, together with its feminine counterpart, Memoir Woman. Developed by perfumer Karine Vinchon, this fragrance represents a re-interpretation of the classic story between a man and a woman. The description on the official website mentions that “Resonating the fragments […]

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