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Fragrance Review

One of the most recent fragrances from is called Agarwoud, part of a series of three perfumes, available in Extrait de Parfum concentration and introduced in January 2012. While the other two are feminine scents (called Bubblegum Chic and L’Amandière), the one that makes the topic of this post represents a unisex , having a couple of precious woods from the East as its main source of inspiration.

Agarwoud is described on the official website with the tagline “dark, mystical elegance” and the phrase “A highly revered, resinous extract from the forest of Vietnam and Laos, Agarwood has been used for devotion and meditation in Budhist temples for centuries”. And, in light of these, you will be able to notice that this perfume is truly a breath of fresh air, in the current picture of nowadays perfumery, when everybody makes scents based on oudh (agarwood).

The combination of notes (amber, Bulgarian rose, benzoin, , ) is shaped in a way that does not leave the impression of an overpowering aroma of agarwood, yet provides an “instantly recognizable unique character of ” (quoted from the same source). Moreover, the detail that makes it suitable for both a man (“Prince Siddhartha”) and a woman (“Mirror, mirror on the wall…”) renders something it even more special.

I sampled agarwood in parallel alongside other interesting scents and I felt comfort in an aroma that, surprisingly for me, did not came attached to a strong sillage. The image of this fresh line from Heeley is dominated by the black color, present on both the cap and the perfume’s label, while the signature flacon of the house reminds of an ink bottle. Overall, and in spite of the fact that I enjoyed Agarwoud a lot, I’ll stick to Cardinal, as the fragrance that impressed me the most from Heeley. But this could become history, depending on Heeley’s plan for new launches.

Heeley Agarwoud Perfume Details

  • Agarwoud by Heeley is available in 50 ml Extrait de Parfum Spray; the lasting power is average (6 to 10 hours) and the sillage is good.
  • Olfactory Group: Oriental Woody
  • For: Unisex
  • Year Introduced: 2012
  • Recommended Wear: Day
  • Dress Code: Casual

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