Habit Rouge Guerlain Fragrance Review

Habit Rouge Guerlain_100ml

Fragrance Review

A classic essence will always maintain its strong appeal and when that comes associated with the tradition of a noble sport activity, the equitation, then it magnifies its attraction. And the fact is that is strongly bounded by the core value of this beautiful sport and the attributes which constitute its characteristics: elegance, calm, .

This classic scent appeared on the market in 1965, designed by none other than the legendary , the last family master perfumer of the previous century. However, to keep it more “in time” with the current living, introduced in 2003 a reinterpreted version bearing the same eponym. The image of Habit Rouge is mastered to the least detail; the red color in combination with the white evokes the ’s costume displayed by aristocratic riders for substantiating their elegance: red jacket and white trousers. The combination of red and white comes as a soothing image, as opposed to the pure red, which is known as a color of passion and also responsible for inducing agitating states in psychology. Moreover, the name selected for this perfume, Habit Rouge is French for “red coat”.

The chromatic of this “passionate coat” is transmitted into the harmony of accords, for creating one timeless . I tested only recently Habit Rouge, for the first time, and I was overwhelmed by the sensation that it conveyed upon me. The contrast and harmony between the opining citruses notes and the ones in the end represents something that could only be achieved by a great master perfumer. Habit Rouge starts off with a citruses accent obtained from lemon, bergamot and orange, all glazed in basil and Brazilian rosewood. The mid development kicks with notes of rose, cedar, jasmine, cinnamon, patchouli, and carnation. This woody floral combination is unique and is generating a pleasant aroma. The final part arrives with vanilla, oakmoss, benzoin, amber, leather and labdanum. The accords of leather and amber in the extreme drydown reminded me of the leather used for the saddle and this confers as well an exclusive heritage for Habit Rouge.

The bottle and presentation of Habit Rouge continues the elegance theme, mixing the transparent glass, with the golden color of the liquid, the “rouge” label in the center of it and the silver stopper that completes this image. Habit Rouge is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette spray, 200 ml Eau de Toilette bottle, together with accompanying products in the range, such as 100 ml after-shave lotion, 75 ml after-shave moisturizer, 200 ml all-over shampoo, 150 ml deodorant natural spray, 75 ml stick deodorant alcohol free and 75 ml shaving foam. The lasting power of Habit Rouge is above average (more that 10 hours) and this is also projected in the powerful sillage.

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