Guerlain Homme – A Banal Attraction

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Fragrance Review

Gone are the days when the creation in perfumery was reserved only for the ones who had actually something to say. These days, the perfume houses are invading the market with numerous products, not because of their rich inspiration, but simply for pecuniary reasons. Unfortunately, this practice does not exclude the great names and since makes no exception, what we observe in Homme is nothing but a that is only after a quick profit.

Introduced in 2008 and designed by and , is a boring and common scent all over. Presented as woody aromatic and being an excellent banal perfume, it contains notes of bergamot, mint, lime, vetiver, cedar and mojito. For me, the scent was bergamot and mint from the beginning until the end.

According to official description the perfume is supposed to be infused with masculinity, but in my opinion, the only thing that was striking was its .  Even the bottle stopper, which was designed by the studio of legendary doesn’t say much. The bottle itself, with its opaque color aims at being a statement of originality, too bad that this was previously experienced.

Guerlain Homme is the perfect example of what a perfume should not be.

As I’m sure that although this fragrance has its fans, I’m also sure that slowly, the legacy of great perfumers fades away and Guerlain Homme is a scent that does not honor the legendary house of Guerlain. It is so far from the original Guerlain creations, being the perfect perfume for summer in case your expectations are limited.

Guerlain Homme Perfume Details

  • Guerlain Homme is available in 30, 50 and 80 ml Eau de Toilette Spray and complementary products in the range, such as: 80 ml After-Shave Lotion, 100 ml After-Shave Moisture Gel, 150 ml Hair and Body Wash, 75 ml Deodorant Natural Spray and 75 ml Deodorant Stick Alcohol-free; the lasting power is below average (4 to 5 hours) and the sillage is poor.
  • Olfactory Group: Woody Aromatic
  • For: Men
  • Year Introduced: 2008
  • Perfumer: Thierry Wasser and Sylvaine Delacourte
  • Recommended Wear: Day
  • Dress Code: Casual

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