Floral Aldehyde Fragrances

John Galliano by John Galliano – An Extremely Personal Fragrance

John Galliano by John Galliano_EdP

It was the end of the year 2008 when I managed to sniff the first olfactory creation conceived by the brilliant mind of John Galliano, thanks to a tester received by my wife (who was my girlfriend at that time). The smell was absolutely enchanting, matched in intensity and sophistication only by Tom Ford Black […]

Chanel N°5 – Scent of a Woman

Chanel N°5_EdP

This is without a doubt the icon scent, the mother of all fragrances, a perfume launched in 1921 and developed by famous Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux. Chanel N°5 is currently the best seller and world’s most famous perfume and there’s a whole story with respect to its introduction on the market. Coco Chanel, already famous […]

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