Escape for Women by Calvin Klein Perfume Review

Escape for Women Calvin Klein_50ml

Fragrance Review

The group of floral aquatic fragrances has found in Calvin Klein an interesting representative. This perfume is soft, unsophisticated, just perfect for daytime wear in the office, or for any other occasion.

Introduced by Calvin Klein in 1991, Escape for women was launched 2 years prior to its masculine counterpart, Escape for men and represents a feminine, , which is almost immediately noticed when examining the shape of its bottle. This round shape with round cuts accentuates the pleasing feeling upon touching, while its box exhibits a vintage style. By the perfectly cut rims, you might tell that is an elaborated scent which deserve your attention.

Escape unveils with interesting notes in its composition. The base is constructed around notes of apricot, litchi, chamomile, and ; the middle notes revolve around peach, rose, jasmine and carnation, and finally, the base notes combine oakmoss, vanilla, cedar, vetiver with , amber and . Creating a scent with an abundance of notes is typical for Calvin Klein and as long as the desired result is achieved, you may enjoy an unmistakable creation. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the latest fragrances introduced by Calvin Klein are lacking this special 90’s spirit. Maybe this is the result of ’s management, which bought the cosmetic division from in 2005, but to me it feels unfortunate.

Anyway, coming back to Calvin Klein’s Escape for women, as the name implies, a getaway is possible. The action of running for escape is suggested by the video ad as well, only to discover at the other end an interesting perfume, something you would buy if you want something simple, yet above the average scent. Escape includes accents of a marine scents and the atmosphere of water is suggested by the transparent bottle which reveals its color, very whisky like.

Recommended if you want to add a clean scent to your , Escape for women Calvin Klein has a good lasting power and is perfect for day to day use.

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  1. The ad looks very sexy, Milla Jovovich takes your breath away…Wow! The fragrance is clean and my wife has it, but the base notes are not so impressive. Probably, we will not buy it again!

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