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is one of the legendary perfumery houses having a history of more than 2 centuries, which was established by Louis Toussaint Piver in 1774. The history that began during the Royal Court of King Louis XVI is continued today by the refined perfumery that became a characteristic of Perfume House. And alongside E. Coudray, , and , has turned into one of the 5 famous perfume houses of the 19th century.

Cuir represents a modern reinterpretation of the 1939’s and belongs to the olfactory group. The main accords are , woody and honey. Cuir is constructed from notes of bergamot, mandarin, woods, spices and honey. Of course, the dominant note is , but there are also the woody notes and honey. I sensed in the mid development a hint of incense which aroused my interest, since incense is one of my favorite notes. And what’s more interesting is that the perfume was recommended to me by one of the shop assistants, based on my preferences. Even though Cuir is a recent discovery (I did not care so much for the L.T. Piver house before!), it  instantly turned into one of my favorites, therefore I want to add it in my perfume wardrobe, the only question being now whether I should buy it before buying Men or not.

Anyway, I will reflect upon this, but what you should take into consideration is that Cuir is a very refined perfume, the epitome of elegance, appropriate for a self-confident man with a well defined sense of fashion. The bottle reminds of the same elegance attributed to the royal courts, from which L.T. Piver extracted its heritage. The chromatic of beige associated with brown is pleasant to the eye and is also continued on the cardboard box style.

Cuir is only available in 100 ml Eau de Toilette Spray which can be interpreted as a declaration of exclusivity as well. It is ideal for day to day, casual wear, having an above average lasting power (6 to 10 hours) and excellent sillage.

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  1. I need to have a leather fragrance in my collection and after reading this review I think I might have found it! Excellent piece of writing!

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