Craft Andrea Maack – A Unique Work of Art

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Fragrance Review

The fragrance house based in bearing the name Parfums was established in 2009 by the visual artist . Based on the explanation from the official website be prepared for some very atypical scents: “The eau de parfums are a collection of distinctive fragrances originally created for museum exhibitions, made out of the highest . Challenging the way in which we’ve come to understand our olfactory senses and their link to memory, Maack’s scents invert the conventional formula and invite the spectator to become part of the artwork.”

The initial perfumes in the collection arrived on the market in 2010, named          Smart, and Sharp and were developed by Andrea Maack in collaboration with DP&CO (Discerning Perfumes & Cosmetics), a French perfume house. represents a , in which the name is meant as a symbol for Couture Art, the source of inspiration found by its creator. The description on Andrea Maack’s website also mentions that “With Craft, you can feel the concentration, the colliding with paper and the sheer perseverance of the artist.”

In the beginning, Craft feels weird, exhibiting a type of coldness that is a feature of the region. The listed ingredients include: elemi, , ice, aldehydes, cedar wood and patchouli, the majority being uncommon notes to be employed in perfumery. However, after the first minutes the odd sensation disappears and you will be convinced by the powerful sillage.

Belonging to the category of shared fragrances, Craft is a divine fragrance for a truly unique experience. And because you need to have a bizarre perfume in your wardrobe, you might consider Craft as the next addition to this collection.

Craft Andrea Maack Perfume Details

  • Craft Andrea Maack is available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum Spray; the lasting power is average (6 to 10 hours) and the sillage is excellent.
  • Olfactory Group: Woody Aquatic
  • For: Unisex
  • Year Introduced: 2010
  • Perfumers: Andrea Maack (with DP&CO)
  • Recommended Wear: Day
  • Dress Code: Casual

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