Classique Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance Review

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier

Fragrance Review

If you ever wonder how a powerful scent should smell like, then ’s Classique is your answer. It is like this perfume was created for making you conspicuous into the smell of everybody. Simply put it in another way, if you consider your perfume like the , then wearing Classique turns you into impossible to overlook.

To discover this oriental floral scent you need to apply it on your skin and allow some time to develop. In the beginning you are greet by its carefully mixed top notes: rose, anise and mandarin orange, simply to convey you onto the middle notes that combine plum, orchid and , just clever enough to leave you wanting more. For an enchantment finale, the incredible aromas of musk, amber and vanilla come in a sweet symphony, perfectly balanced to sooth and excite your olfactory senses.

Saying this perfume is a classic would be unfair, due to the fact that this ’s creation gained its praiseworthy spot in the . But, there’s more to it than the smell because, on a closely examination you see a metallic can, that once opened unveils the bottle, having . That is original indeed, but to be fair, can we expect less from one of Gaultier’s creations?

Based on the huge success that followed its launch in 1993, it remains one of all time best sellers, which certainly gave grounds to constant attempts for replicating its magic. Of course, every year the summer version is presented along with its masculine counterpart, , but this only strengthens the myth.

Even though it is coming so highly recommended do not say that I never told you that this is not a fragrance for everyone. Never purchase until properly testing it, since you do not want a perfume that doesn’t suit you.

So, if you’re a confident person who is not afraid of catching everybody’s attention when walking into a room, I suggest buying Classique and add it to your , as it will most likely become one of your cherished perfumes.

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  1. This is one of my wife’s favorite fragrances! The smell is extremely sexy, therefore it became a must in her perfume collection.

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