CerrutiSi – For the Unexpected Man


Fragrance Review

The masculine fragrance from called simply CerrutiSi was introduced in 2003. Coming after the popular scents 1881 Amber Pour Homme, Nino , 1881 Men and Image, introduced in the years 1881, 1979, 1990 and 1998 respectively, CerrutiSi was intended as an innovative perfume for the famous Italian fashion house. The big “yes” was conceived to honor the pleasure and the unexpected man caught in the middle of a passionate life.

The perfumer was responsible with the process of development and the final result is a fragrance filled with the classic Italian charm. The packaging box and the flacon were selected in order to convey the idea of passion. With a design line that combines classic shaped and modernity, the flask features a rectangular shaped glass, topped by a smooth cubic stopper which looks like as if was made from wood; the color scheme of the packaging box represents a blend of red and brown, which succeeds in suggesting the idea of passion and burning flame.

CerrutiSi starts off with a blend of spicy ginger and the refreshing note of mandarin orange. Then, as the perfume advances slowly into the mid development phase, a more complex facet is unveiled, encompassing accords of cedar, resins, rosemary and geranium. The final happens after approximately one hour and a half, in which everything dries down to a base imbued with accords of Siam benzoin, oakmoss and heliotrope, all wrapped in elegant patchouli leaf.

Overall, CerrutiSi is a feel-good fragrance, a sensation perceivable from the first notes that render a feeling of energy, until settling to a memorable trail that leaves a pleasant sensation on the skin.

CerrutiSi Perfume Details

  • CerrutiSi is available in 40 and 90 ml Eau de Toilette Spray and complementary products in the range, such as: 90 ml After-Shave Lotion, 200 ml Hair & Body Shower Gel and 75 ml Deodorant Stick; the lasting power is average (6 to 10 hours) and the sillage is good.
  • Olfactory Group: Oriental Fougere
  • For: Men
  • Year Introduced: 2003
  • Perfumer: Jean-Pierre Bethouart
  • Recommended Wear: Day
  • Dress Code: Casual

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