Boss Orange Men Hugo Boss – A Relaxed Scent for a Strong Character

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Fragrance Review

Introduced at the beginning of February last year, from is a fragrance that transmits a relaxed confidence associated to an authentic affection. The face selected to front the fragrance is the English actor , a perfect match for the his feminine counterpart, the American born English actress , who is fronting Boss Orange for Women, introduced 2 years earlier, in 2009.

I sniffed Boss Orange Men last march and in spite of my initial reserve regarding the bottle’s shape (you will see later why) I discovered a pleasant enough fragrance, ideal for everyday wear. The heart is especially pleasant for me (I love incense) and especially for it, if I could possibly exceed the sentiment of dislike towards the bottle, I might as well bought it.

Boss Orange Men begins on a refreshing top note that combines and coriander, planned to stimulate your senses. Later, after no more than 20 minutes, you will be transported into a mid development phase that is built around the enchanting aroma of incense blended with Szechuan pepper. This stage is charming and if I could be able to choose I would have extended it into the dry down. Sadly, after a couple of hours I realized that the base turns creamy, with aromas of Vanilla mixed in Bubinga wood, for “creating a lasting impression of positivity and liberation”, as described on the official website.

The bottle that holds Boss Orange Men is the part that I least appreciate in this fragrance. With a shape obviously designed to match its feminine version, the flask is supposedly replicating a male torso, with a transparent carved glass that reflects the light through its pale yellow hue liquid. The part that I do like about the bottle is the silver sleek casing, carved with Boss Orange Label’s logo that is framing the bottle. Overall, Boss Orange Men is a fragrance geared towards the young man with a relaxed attitude.

Perfume Details

  • Boss Orange Men by Hugo Boss is available in 40, 60 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette Spray and complementary products in the range, such as: 50 and 75 ml After-Shave Balm, 50 and 150 ml Shower Gel, 150 ml Deodorant Spray and 75 ml Deodorant Stick; the lasting power is average (6 to 10 hours) and the sillage is good.
  • Olfactory Group: Woody Spicy
  • For: Men
  • Year Introduced: 2011
  • Recommended Wear: Day
  • Dress Code: Casual

Orlando Bloom Video for Boss Orange Men Hugo Boss

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