Artisan John Varvatos Perfume Review

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Fragrance Review

The American designer with only one feminine perfume in his portfolio, , has introduced in March 2009, the fresh (at that time!) , Artisan. And, from what I noticed so far it remained fresh throughout this period, because this citrus aromatic scent, created by the perfumer from exhibits a unique aroma and unusual presentation. Think about diving into a pool with citruses and you will be close to the first impression that is brought to you by smelling Artisan. And the good think is that it maintains this freshness until the dry down, therefore if you are a fan of citruses (I confess, I am, but not of ANY citrus!), this one from should be enough to make you forget the other citric accords in your collection.

The composition of Artisan begins with Mexican tangerine, , tangelo fruit, aromatic thyme Spanish marjoram and Greek lavender. In the mid-development, the fresh notes fade away slowly and are replaced by North African Orange blossom and the Indian plant Murraya which consist of a combination from jasmine and orange and is commonly called orange jasmine. The employed ginger was also special, combined from three types: Nigerian, Chinese and “purple ginger” the latter developed in Givaudan laboratory. In the base notes, you are able to detect the presence of Kephalis wood and , besides Belleambre and musk Serenolide. Apart from the fact that all these are very , they were also employed to indicate Varvatos’s passion for every detail, in a creation that leaves no room for errors. And is precisely this passion that made no coincidence with the selection of Rodrigo Flores-Roux, since he was previously collaborated with John Varvatos.

The bottle continues the trend that was announced by the aroma, in a made by Design and having a shape that resembles a vintage demijohn.

Artisan is available (if you have the chance, because it has a very selective distribution!) in 75 and 125 ml Eau de Toillette spray. The fragrance has an average lasting power (6 to 10 hours) and good sillage. Artisan exudes freshness, being appropriate for day to day, casual wear in a springtime period that celebrates the re-birth of the nature.

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  1. Man, this is one of my favorites. Found it last summer on Heathrow Airport and can’t get enough ever since!

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