Aromatic Fruity Fragrances

Diptyque Philosykos Review

Diptyque Philosykos_EdT

Another great perfume from Diptyque (the more I sample from the French house, the more I like them all!) is Philosykos a unisex aromatic fruity arrived on the market in 1996 and developed by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. Created with only a hand of ingredients (fig tree leaves, wood, white cedar), this perfume is considered “one […]

David Beckham Intense Instinct – The Burning Red Passion

David Beckham Intense Instinct_100ml_EdT

Intense Instinct is the first flanker to 2005’s Instinct, a fragrance which remains a best seller for Beckham fragrances. Introduced in April 2007 as an aromatic fruity fragrance, Intense Instinct is meant to be a more powerful version of the original, a characteristic suggested from the outset, by the selected red color scheme. In spite […]

Azzaro Chrome Legend – Inspired by the Sea

Azzaro Chrome Legend_125ml_EdT

As a flanker to Chrome, launched in 1996, Chrome Legend arrived on the market in 2007, as an aromatic fruity fragrance, developed by perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Olivier Pescheux. With a source of inspiration coming from the sea and the shipbuilding design, the fragrance delivers a more refreshing and masculine character. I have nothing against […]

CK One Collector Bottle 2008 Calvin Klein – An Invitation to Party

CK One Collector Bottle 2008 Calvin Klein_100ml_EdT

Arrived on the market in 2008, the limited edition of the iconic CK One fragrance from the fashion house of Calvin Klein has the name CK One Collector Bottle 2008. This unisex aromatic fruity fragrance was developed by the famous perfumer Alberto Morillas, who reportedly gathered his sources of inspiration from the contemporary music culture. […]