Amouage Epic Man – A Beautiful Arabic Tale

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Fragrance Review

The contribution of the Arabic chemistry in the progress of Western perfumery is a fact and in light of this, the story of comes as a special one. In spite of its fresh history, the luxury perfumery house established in 1983 by the , intended clearly from the beginning to restore the lost Omani art of perfumery. The source of inspiration for the name represents a combination between the word “amour” and another word in Arabic that means “waves”. Amouge (currently known as Amouge Gold), the initial fragrance of the house, was introduced in the same year, created by the famous nose . Each and every one of the Amouage scents employs exclusively traditional ingredients from the perfumery, such as myrrh and .

During the years that followed, in the majority of cases, Amouge launched the 2 versions of a perfume, the feminine and masculine, in the same time. , which was introduced in 2009, alongside its feminine counterpart, is an fragrance that was developed by perfumer . On the official website, Epic Man is advertised with the slogan “Legends of the silk road”, given that the purpose of the scent is to evoke the long journey made by silk from China to Arabia.

I have no Arabic fragrance in my collection; therefore, my interest for Amouage was huge, at the time of the first test. Obviously, my expectations were not betrayed by Epic, a fragrance reminiscent of the goods traded from Asia: gold, pearls, solk, jade. The ingredients used in here are only first class. The beginning is a blend of frankincense, pink pepper berry essence, cumin, cardamom, saffron, mace, nutmeg and myrtle. The heart is imbued with geranium and myrrh essence, feeling like a warm touch for your sense. Finally, the closing encompassed unmatched elegance, with notes of oud, sandalwood, patchouli, leather, frankincense, cedarwood, musk and castoreum.

Epic Man is a scent that has no correspondence in your olfactory memory, a must in your perfume wardrobe. In my mind, the image of this fragrance is associated with a jewel, a picture suggested by both the packaging box and the jewelry handling gloves, used by the sales assistant, exactly like in a jewelry store.

Amouage Epic Man Perfume Details

  • Amouage Epic Man is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum Spray; the lasting power is above average (more than 10 hours) and the sillage is excellent.
  • Olfactory Group: Oriental Woody
  • For: Men
  • Year Introduced: 2009
  • Perfumer: Randa Hammami
  • Recommended Wear: Day
  • Dress Code: Casual

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